Closeby Family.

Back in April, I received some fantastic news! My sister would be moving from Wyoming to the Panhandle. As if that weren’t exciting enough, she would have my eight-year-old niece and ‘soon to be’ nephew in tow. We have created many amazing memories over the last eight months.


As an auntie and sister, I’ve learned magic can happen in even the most mundane moments. I feel lucky to live close enough to capture these moments through photography. Before my nephew made his debut, my sister and I decided a maternity shoot on the beach would be a wonderful way to celebrate his impending arrival. The early-morning sun cooperated beautifully. We captured the bond between mother and daughter and the excitement over their growing family.


Next, it was time for my niece to be the star of her own whimsical photo shoot at the bay side property. What eight-year- old girl doesn’t love to dress-up, wear fairy wings, and play with glitter? It was her chance to explore her creative side and have fun. She really is the perfect little model; however, she refuses to brush her hair, or let anyone touch it. Maybe I’m biased, but the tangled curls in these shots only add to her charm :)

After much anticipation, my nephew was welcomed to the world in October. I’ve attempted (and failed) twice to capture this new little man in his abundant cuteness. Apparently, his urge to pee every time his diaper comes off and his desire to eat constantly supersede his desire to be photographed. Who knew? Fortunately, his auntie is persistent. Photos will be posted as soon as he cooperates; he’s too adorable to keep under wraps. I’d like to offer my sister and niece a big thank you for matching my enthusiasm to create memories together and to capture those memories through photography. Here is a peek behind the scenes of the Teters Family during their shoots with Bayside Photography in Panama City Beach!